Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010 (& Halloween & Thanksgiving)

Georgia celebrates Halloween year round.

No, not Halloween, Thanksgiving.
Our first Thanksgiving all by ourselves. Probably will try not to do that again. I made all this yummy food, and Coop and Georgia wanted down the second they saw the food on their plates.

We are all here but Jacob! Jacob was freezing in Montana. Next he'll be roasting in Brazil.
Cooper with his DeGraffenreid cousins
we're following the leader

Most parties end with kids taking shirts off. Right?
Georgia sat forever talking to G.G.
cute boys!
Their first gingerbread house. And probably last unless grama Brown decides to do that again!

This is why we have cameras. So we can learn from our mistakes. Makeup works wonders and sleep is good. I either need to learn these rules or forever shun the camera.
Oh sweet Grace was adorable and Georgia decided she like her this time! So fun to watch them together!

When Grampa came to visit in early December. Cooper makes him take him hiking every chance he gets.

Veer cousins are so patient and good.
Georgia's new "Brudoulph" from Caroline and William.

I love these two. I especially love it when they stand like statues for the camera.

Ahhh! We traded the bee costume for a kangaroo. She wore this for a week and the hottest week we were there!

They love William. Cooper claims him as his brother.
They love Caroline too. She is such a great girl!
Georgia was sure Santa was bringer her Lotso. Good thing he did. The pink boots and green alien were pleasant surprises! This girl's entourage just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Grama and Grampa Hamblin (and Ciba)
We all love Caroline

Why oh why could this not have been my son?? Oh cause Cooper doesnt sit like that. Bummer.

Nothing like an early morning wrestle.

Whittlee is super photogenic. Every time i see a picture of her thats all I can think. So not cool, unless you are her of course. We love her, so glad she married Stew and is around to play with my kiddos! They love it

We have had a busy fall and holiday season! Lots of visitors and lots of visiting. Grama Hamblin came up for Halloween, Grama and Grampa Brown came a week later, then Grampa Hamblin came for a few days, followed by Grampa Brown 2 days later! Then we headed down to AZ a week after that for 3 weeks of Christmas fun with lots and lots of family. Oh Cooper and Georgia were in cousin heaven. I thought for sure they'ed go through depression like I always do when we got home. We got to spend time with the Veers, the Wolfe's grama and grampa Harrison, the Koss's, all the Browns (AZ Browns), and all the Hamblins. Grandpa took Cooper hiking the day we left and he was so happy. Grampa also took him to Tucson on New Years day to play with all of his cousins! He claims he saw a wolf while he was playing outside with Sadie and Lucas. it was probably a bob cat or coyote, now we know they at least are not hungry for little kids so that should make Lyle and Emily rest a bit easier. Oh the fun we had, and oh how sad it is to go back home to entertain ourselves. Cooper is not the best at that so it was nice to have him occupied for 3 straight weeks!!!